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The Napoleonicist

A specialist podcast covering everything from the Napoleonic era, hosted by Zack White. I join to talk about the only major series of naval defeats in the entire conflict, the single ship actions of the War of 1812.

The Naval War of 1812

Mariner’s Mirror Podcast

Hosted by Dr Sam Willis, and from the Society for Nautical Research, the Mariner’s Mirror podcast is the world’s number one podcast dedicated to all of maritime history. In this episode, I discuss the single ship actions of the War of 1812, as context for a four part series on the ConstitutionGuerriere Action in August, 1812.

Great Sea Fights 6, Part 4, Single Ship Actions of the War of 1812

Khaki Malarkey Podcast

Hosted by Phoebe and Olivia and the British Commission for Military History, the Khaki Malarkey is an excellent military history review podcast. In this episode I discuss Revenge in the Name of Honour: the Royal Navy’s Quest For Vengeance in the Single Ship Actions of The War of 1812

Single Ship Actions of the War of 1812

Cool Canadian History

David Borys, the talent behind Cool Canadian History, a podcast all about Canadian history, was kind enough to let me pen a script on Admiral Provo Wallis. Listen in to learn all about this brilliant Nova Scotian naval officer, whose career spanned nearly a century!

S6E3: A Century of Service

History Hack

A daily history podcast featuring historians young and old. I join to talk all about the single ship actions of the War of 1812, and the ways they impacted the British Royal Navy.

History Hack #279

Published Articles

“Tracing Royal Naval Careers in the War of 1812.” Navy Records Society: Member’s Blog. 2021

“Understanding the Royal Navy through Defeat: How Americans taught Britons a lesson or two.” Warships: International Fleet Review magazine. January 2021. 44-45.

FORTHCOMING. “Voice from the Ranks: Virtues of the Army and Society in The Recollections of Rifleman Harris.” War, Literature, and the Arts, Vol 33, 2021

“Life and Career of Nova Scotian Provo Wallis, Admiral of the Fleet.” Napoleon Series. 2020.

Other Writing

A piece written for Helion & Company, on the impact of the events of the War of 1812 on the city of Halifax, including the career of one of its sons, Admiral of the Fleet Provo Wallis.

Honours Thesis (Acadia University) on the administrative and cultural factors that underpinned the Royal Navy’s unprecedented level of success during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Masters Thesis (Dalhousie University) which examines how the shocking losses against the United States Navy during the War of 1812 sent the ever-victorious Royal Navy, and its adoring public in both Britain and the Canadian colonies, into a panic.

For other academic works on topics including environmental history, Anglo-German diplomatic history, Renaissance warfare, and more, see Nicholas’ page on Academia.edu

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