Revenge in the Name of Honour

Revenge in the Name of Honour is a well-researched and detailed account of the naval actions of the War of 1812. … It is certainly a volume that should be in any library on the War of 1812.”

Paul Chamberlain, Napoleon Series

”A fascinating and very well written work of naval history.” 

Neil Baird, Baird Maritime

The British Royal navy entered the War of 1812 expecting victory. Naval victories of the previous two decades and the mythos of Lord Nelson had built a naval culture accustomed to aggressive action and victory against all odds. And yet, by the year’s end three British frigates and two sloops had been defeated in single ship actions against opponents from the tiny United States Navy. These losses, even against better armed opponents like USS Constitution, sent shockwaves throughout the Royal Navy and the British world.
These loses had a strong impact on contemporaries, naval and civilian alike, and led to unprecedented steps on behalf of the British naval administration and a drive for vengeance within the navy. This volume explores the socio-cultural effects of the single ship naval actions during the War of 1812, which captivated the British and American world during the last Anglo-American war.

Available from the following retailers, from £25 or $30 Canadian.

Helion & Company (UK),, Login Canada, Casemate Publishers (US), Chapters-Indigo (Ca)

‘Altogether a very high-quality book with an exciting narrative and great for wargaming scenarios.  Strongly recommended for all.” Martin Pike, Miniature Wargames

‘His style flows smoothly, and he has contributed a most readable book to the increasing volume of works on the War of 1812, and one with a different slant to most. This is an offering firmly recommended to all interested in the maritime history of the period and of this war in particular.’ Roger Marsh, Nautical Research Journal. Autumn 2021

‘This keenly researched, vividly drawn, and well-written book is highly recommended.’ Warships: International Fleet Review magazine. January 2021

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