Nicholas is a Halifax-based teacher, historian, and writer. He was born and raised in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, and completed degrees at Acadia University, Dalhousie University, and Mount Saint Vincent University. 

His academic work as a historian has focused on the cultural and social history of the British Royal Navy. He has written and spoken extensively about the impact of the single ship losses of the War of 1812 upon the British Royal Navy and upon the wider British world through various publications as well as conference and podcast appearances.

Nicholas is now a secondary school teacher in the Halifax area, with a commitment to creating a challenging yet nurturing learning environment for students with diverse needs. Nicholas is passionate about teaching social studies and science content through skills-based lessons, knowing that this world sorely needs an understanding of both. Nicholas is an avid sailor and enjoys hiking the trails of his native Nova Scotia and travelling to see the sights of historical and natural significance around the world.
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